Our Main Aims and Objectives

Main Objective for SLI – SS for the next 3 years is to seeks to improve health, nutrition, food security and Access to safe water, protection of vulnerable communities and education for Children Peace-building initiatives in the Conflict-affected States/Counties of South Sudan. SLI – SS Main focus will be Lainya County for the next 3 Years but plan to extends its programme objectives to other areas in South Sudan.

This objective will be achieved through:

  • Improve livelihoods of vulnerable households ( through distribution of food items, seeds and agricultural tools)
  • Provide access to health services and Nutrition screening for 30,000 children (<5 years), treatment and referrals of complicated cases.
  • Provision of clean and safe water for consumption through rehabilitation of boreholes and water pumps in Lainya and other areas within South Sudan
  • Provision of Mine Risk Education to at-risk Communities and capacity building of School Teachers in order to be able to effectively and efficiently integrate Mine Risk education into schools for the benefit of Children’s in South Sudan
  • To improve the lives of children experiencing violence and abuse and other vulnerable children at risk in Lainya, Terekeka & Torit by promoting the safety and protection of children
  • To increase women’s and girls’ awareness on their legal rights, improve women’s and girls’ knowledge on types and extent of gender based violence and its consequences and to empower women and girls with information on available services providers for response to gender based violence
  • Provide initiative for Youths and women to promote peace and reconciliation within their communities and work with Church leaders to capacity build them to be peace agent and peace makers.
2.2 What are the organisation’s main aims and objectives in the next 3 years?

Apart from the current core values the Organisation holds the core values that included the:

  1. Transparency
  2. Integrity
  3. Commitment
  4. Volunteerism
  5. Focus on the needy
  6. Be gender responsive
  7. Enhance utilization of local resources
  8. Strengthen existing structures and systems
  9. Promote people-centered development and Effectiveness & efficiency.

SLI – SS have MoU with the Diocese of Lainya and through the Diocesan we have demonstrated the Christian values through believing in Christ as the savior and the rest of the responsibility given unto us to demonstrate to others through:

  • Service – meaning is found in service rather than self-centredness
  • Grace – a subversive value! Giving people more than they deserve.
  • Hope – not a guarantee of immunity from harm but a conviction that God is always present
  • Faith - the means to real depth in relationships of all kinds
  • Love – means to love the unlovely
  • Justice – for all (not ‘just-me’). A concept biased in favour of the disadvantaged.
  • Peace – not just the absence of fighting but positive well-being.